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Your Energy level = below Zero ??

Are you having a lack of energy ?
Do you feel to tired all the time , suffering from fatigue, to quickly exhausted, unreasonably irritated ?

Do you suffer from insomnia, headaches, anxiety, anger, traumas and/ or you feel simply  stressed ??
Then we should have a talk together… because I can help you with some wonderful and effective tools to overcome and solve those problems as holistic therapeut .
I will help and coach you how to solve your fatigue or special pain-points and stressors, which will make you ill and depressive.


With the use of the Emotional Health Tracking Codes and combined with some other fabulous methods and tools,  you will restore and rebuild your normal energy-levels and bring back your happiness.

No more sleepless nights or limited energy, no more illnesses.
Your growing auto-immune system will make you a strong personality and will enable you to live the life you always wanted.
A happy and energetic person !

It is actually not difficult at all, but it might take a few weeks .
6 – 7 sessions  ( via Skype )  in which we talk and I will explain the exercises you have to do on a daily basis . Those actions are also extremely simple to do, but the results will amaze you !
These simple methods you can use the rest of your life, every time
your stress level starts to rise again ( now you know exactly when )
you can apply what you have learned during the therapy sessions.
And the most wonderful thing is:
You do not need any pharmaceutical medicin to get healthy again.
That is the fantastic point of Holistic Healing and Energy Medicine.


Fill in this yellow form on the right to get into contact with me.
Let’s start with an appointment which will fit into our timezones and let’s have  a 1 on 1 session together, in which I can get to know your problem. 
There is no payment required for this first appointment.
If possible by Skype otherwise by email or phone. (No mobile)
Don’t hesitate, but take your responsibility
over Your Health and Happiness !
Do it now !  I guarantee, you won’t regret !
Mercedes Choufoer



Later this year my book will be published :

“Stop Fatigue and Rediscover True Happiness in 7 Easy Steps”


For more information :

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About the Author

Ik ben Mercedes Choufoer, nuchtere Amsterdamse met een intense levenservaring op allerlei fronten.

Ik ben zelfstandig onderneemster sinds 1976 en houd mij sinds 1997 bezig als life-en Energy coach met het helpen van mensen met klachten als slecht slapen, oververmoeidheid, hoofdpijnen, depressies, die leiden tot burn-out, fibromyalgie, allergieën en tientallen andere ernstige aandoeningen. Verder schrijf ik boeken over allerlei gezondheids- en anti-stress en burn-out onderwerpen.

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