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Holistic Healing means spiritual healing.
Spiritual healing is able to bring positive energy into your mind and into your organs.
Also it can remove negative energy which blocks the flow of good energy, i.e. Universal Energy.
Your body wants to be healed. It is a wonderful mechanism but also extremely complex.
Not only the organs, which form the body, but also the mind and the soul.
Our conscious, subconscious thinking and our emotional world.
Spiritual healing is working on those three elements. They influence the working of our organs and our immune system.
Spiritual healing does offer the fastest way to restore the flow of energy through the many meridians and the chakra points.
It is all arranged by a spiritual state of mind. Although this might sound very heavy, it is not at all.
Every human being is in basic spiritual. When you’re dreaming it is a spiritual action. Just sitting quiet, listening to music,
enjoying art, walking through the park, visiting a church. As long as you find some silence into your head and being relaxed.
Free flowing thoughts bring energy through your body.
If these thoughts are positive and joyful they transport also positive energy from the Universe to your body’s chakra points.
But if you are full of worries, anxiety or anger, negative energy will make your body sour and after a while the chakras will not
support the organs they work for. They get blocked.
You don’t sleep well, you are easily irritated, or suffering headaches, endless tiredness, a burn-out, intestinal problems,
wounds which won’t heal, etc.etc. You create an illness, a disease or even worse.
You probably are not aware that this bad feeling or sickness started because of an overload of negative emotions and stress.


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Pure as Nature : Universal Energy = Pure Nature

About the Author

Ik ben Mercedes Choufoer, nuchtere Amsterdamse met een intense levenservaring op allerlei fronten.

Ik ben zelfstandig onderneemster sinds 1976 en houd mij sinds 1997 bezig als life-en Energy coach met het helpen van mensen met klachten als slecht slapen, oververmoeidheid, hoofdpijnen, depressies, die leiden tot burn-out, fibromyalgie, allergieën en tientallen andere ernstige aandoeningen. Verder schrijf ik boeken over allerlei gezondheids- en anti-stress en burn-out onderwerpen.

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