Vrouwen en het gevaar voor Alzheimer

Vrouwen en Alzheimer ….

Dementia en de variant Alzheimer is een van de vele vervelende ziekten die je kan overkomen op latere leeftijd. Zelfs soms al vanaf je 50ste. Er blijken ook nog eens meer vrouwen te sterven aan Alzheimer dan aan borstkanker.
Beiden geen leuke vooruitzichten.

Recent wetenschappelijk neurologisch onderzoek heeft uitgewezen dat door onze levensstijl aan te passen wij kunnen voorkomen om Alzheimer en Dementia te krijgen. Genoeg reden om nu al te beginnen! Continue reading “Vrouwen en het gevaar voor Alzheimer”

Perceptions Affect Your Health..what about yours ??

Perception is a very personal thing.
But did you know that it can affect your health ??
Let me explain….


Two people can view the same thing very differently.
An optimist can find an unseen benefit or a silver lining even in the darkest of matters, while a pessimist can find a negative in the most positive situation.

It is no secret among researchers that your perceptions affect your mind and that your mind influences what happens in your body. Study after study show that people with a more positive mentality have healthier physical and mental health compared to those with a more negative mentality.

How does this happen?

 It has everything to do with how you perceive the world.

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Your Energy level = below Zero ??

Your Energy level = below Zero ??

Are you having a lack of energy ?
Do you feel to tired all the time , suffering from fatigue, to quickly exhausted, unreasonably irritated ?

Do you suffer from insomnia, headaches, anxiety, anger, traumas and/ or you feel simply  stressed ??
Then we should have a talk together… because I can help you with some wonderful and effective tools to overcome and solve those problems as holistic therapeut .
I will help and coach you how to solve your fatigue or special pain-points and stressors, which will make you ill and depressive.

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