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There is a lot to tell about Health and the Balance in our body and our mind. And how to stay in good health ! It all depends on the way we maintain our Energy .
Not only the stress directly around us is attacking our body and auto-immune system but most of all our way of living.

In the newsletter I hope to give you tips to enhance your life quality .

 Your Health is Your Responsibility but I love to help you!

In the newsletter “Your Health in Balance”
I will  present you with tips to help you to create
more awareness around your body and mind and the ingredients we use as fuel, mentally and physically.
When you can keep those two important elements  in balance there is a change you live a longer, healthier and prosperous life.

 Subjects will you find in the newsletter:

 “Your Health in Balance ”  :

  • How to apply Creative Intelligence
  • How to avoid stress and anxiety
  • Secret Pressure points on your body which
    boost your Energy right away
  • What is  Brainwave Entrainment
  • How to get Unlimited Energy
  •  How to lower your Cholesterol
  • Interviews with Food and Health experts and
    many NY Times Bestseller auteurs

  • Diabetes and how to prevent this disease
  • Good and Healthy Food Tips and Recipes
  • How to handle IBS
  • Menopausial problems
  • New methods to really manage your Weight Loss.
  • How to handle Traumas
  • The #1 Muscle That FIXES Ugly Forward Head Posture,
    Trouble Sleeping, Text Neck & Back Pain  
    All While Diminishing Headaches, Brain Fog & Looking Old
  • Interviews with Famous Spiritual Teachers 

  • Mindset and well-being
  • Meditation and yoga exercises
  • Leisure, Hobbies and Culture:

  • places to visit; exhibitions
  • Enjoying Art and making your own art
  • How to frame your own pictures, paintings etc.
  • How to make better photos
  • and every month a new free Report or e-book
  • and many more interesting information to help you keeping  Balance in Body and Mind and a very Happy Life.
  • Your First Gift is my e-book : Limitless Energy 

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Go ahead and make it a better world in 2017!

And without being egocentric:

start with yourself NOW. 

Prosperity is in the MIND.

And ENERGY is our main fuel.


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