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Miracles of the Brain.

Do you know how much you use of your brain capacity?
Our brain has much more potential than we normally utilise, so when you can learn to use it in a better way, you will be surprised how many miracles you can achieve with that same brain of yours !

When you think about self help, the first couple of names that comes to mind would probably be Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn.

Chris D’Cruz is not exactly a new name in the industry, but it’s easy to overlook the guy. Which is a shame, because he’s come up with some of the best products I’ve had the privilege to review in recent years.

The creator of Universal Life Secrets – one of the more compelling self help programs I’ve seen in a while – is back with yet another program, this time one that promises to enhance your brain so that you can perform “miracles” within your life. Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it?

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. But since Chris managed to wow me with his previous product, I decided to give his latest product, Miracle Brain System, a try.


(Of course, the 60 day money back triple guarantee that he offered was reassuring as well.)

Now what can you expect in the Miracle Brain System?

There are a total of 18 lessons in the Miracle Brain System program, beginning with a few introductory ones that teach you all about harnessing the untapped power of the brain. Chris calls this method the “Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator”, presumably because once stimulated, you can use your “miracle mind” to create magic in your life.

As you progress further into the program you’ll find that Chris hasn’t skimped on anything. There are lessons on how you can use your “miracle mind” to take full control of your body to attain incredible health and vitality, to awaken abilities in you that you didn’t think you had, to gain influence over people you may come across in life, to generate incredible wealth…  


Every lesson is comprehensive; Chris gives a complete breakdown of everything you need to know in order to harness the power of your enhanced mind, or should I say your “miracle mind”, to the fullest. There isn’t any jargon to trip over, so practically anyone can understand the lessons taught within the pages of Miracle Brain System.

Chris has also included an additional workbook which you can use to track your progress as you go along, which helps if you’re an absolute beginner.

Now, is it effective?

It takes some getting used to (like any other program) but once you’re able to follow the techniques down to a tee, you’ll notice an amazing difference in your physical and mental states. I applied the techniques taught a week after I completed the entire program, and I found myself becoming more alert, more vibrant, more energized than I’d ever felt in recent years.

Miracle Brain System also comes with a bonus package called the Success Compendium. This bonus package consists of Napoleon Hill’s best, most renowned programs. You’ll get Think And Grow Rich, The Laws Of Success In 16 Lessons, and Napoleon Hill’s Success Philosophies. Like the Miracle Brain System package itself, these bonuses are in digital PDF and MP3 audio formats, so you can just download them into your smartphone or computer, and you’re all set. There’s no shipping or deliveries involved, which is why Chris is able to give so much value for a fraction of the cost if you were to order a similar package of physical books and CD sets.

Miracle Brain System is definitely another home-run from Chris for you. If you’re nowhere near where you want to be in life, this is the one program that you will like to have.



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Ik ben zelfstandig onderneemster sinds 1976 en houd mij sinds 1997 bezig als life-en Energy coach met het helpen van mensen met klachten als slecht slapen, oververmoeidheid, hoofdpijnen, depressies, die leiden tot burn-out, fibromyalgie, allergieën en tientallen andere ernstige aandoeningen. Verder schrijf ik boeken over allerlei gezondheids- en anti-stress en burn-out onderwerpen.

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