Seminars in France:

Relax & Master Your Stress

Take a week off and make a trip to France:

And join this seminar

Relax & Master Your Stress

a super Relax and Health training week

the decision you won’t regret

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Welcome and congratulations. By joining the “Relax and Master Your Stress Seminar” in the beautiful south of France, you have already taken the first step towards a healthier and happier you.

After the week’s seminar you can return home relaxed, totally refreshed and  with a new perspective regarding your well‐being.

You, as an individual, will have grown in all aspects of your personality.

From then on, any time you find yourself in a situation that triggers  anxiety or anger, you will have the necessary tools to deal with it.

You will gain an understanding of not only why these situations happen but also what to do with the stressors. As a result your cortisol levels will return to normal within minutes and your auto immune system is not subjected to attack after attack.

No more need for the fight or flight mode.

After all the training, relaxation, fun and laughter with new friends, your body and mind will start to heal.

No more old pains, emotions of unforgiveness, wrong beliefs and harmful actions.

Implementing the Tibetan exercises will keep you fit, help you stay young and full of vitality and all of this in less than 15mins a day.

You will also learn which types of music you can use to calm your mind, boost your mindset and improve your feelings of well‐being.

All of these new and exciting steps plus a selection of different meditation techniques will make you a stronger person. Someone who is aware of herself, loves herself, has self‐confidence, is healthy, sleeps well and lives in healthy ease as opposed to disease. Someone who is aware of her value in a happy  relationship.

So sign up for this wonderful and amazing week in France.

And after this seminar week, I promised you the following bonuses to take home with you:

  • Free Meditation Audios
  • Your self‐made painting
  • E‐Book “Basic steps of Healing with the Health Tracking Codes”
  • Free subscription to my Newsletter : «  Your Health in Balance «  ‐ Click here for this Super but Time limited offer on the Payment page:

( fill in Timerclock 48 hours download available via Mercedes)

Filling which week:

..  38  =  17‐ 24 September 2016

..  40 =  1 – 8   October 2016

Fill‐in:  one time payment of  GBP 749  or  € 997,‐

Or:  choose to pay in 3 installments of  GBP 275 or € 365,‐ ( automatic payments per  6 July, 10 Aug., 5 September).

(Payment into: Paypal account of …) Your reservation is only valid when Paypal has confirmed your payment .

You will receive confirmation of payment in your mailbox.

As a welcome gift, you will receive the digital‐report:10 Meditation tips for Beginners.

See you here in France,

Mercedes Choufoer[/text_block]

Mercedes Choufoer

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