How to Get Rid of Your STRESS !

Stress is killing!
But I will explain how to get rid of your stressors forever.

You feel miserable, exhausted, irritated, too often headaches,
suffering a high blood pressure, anxiety, traumatised and/ or
( simply) stressed ??!! 

Then we should have a talk together because:
I do have  wonderful tools to discover and solve
 physical or mental issues or disease.

Those – very successful –  tools I use are called

Holistic therapies and Energy Medicine tools.  

And I call the way I work: BIO-ENERGY Healing.




To read more about this Bio-Energy click here.

With the  Emo-Health Tracking  Codes- therapy
I help you to discover where and what your stressors or traumas are and:  how to let them disappear!
And once you know how to manage your stressors, you can help yourself the rest of your life!
It sounds very simple and easy.
And in fact, that is the way it is.
But: you must be
Open and honest with yourself
about your emotions.
Emotions and stress are the basic ingredients which are making you sick; up to losing your immune system completely and
ending up with a Burn-Out or worse!

What is Universal Energy?

Click Here for the article about this wonderful Life Force!

And what are the Emo-Health Tracking Codes?

Click here to learn more about those Amazing Bio-Healing therapies.

 Very soon you can read more about this in my upcoming book

“How to Master Your Stress and Manage Your Energy”

Spring 2018- 275 pages

But don’t let this prevent you from taking action NOW by contacting me :

And I will help you start to feel better and more vitalized. Because together we will stop your stressors to prevent you from living the life you had in mind.

LIFE Force ENERGY Exercises

Follow my Life Force Exercises daily TIPS in which you will find 2-minute videos with a little exercise of 25-30 seconds to boost your Energy and your Health.
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Mercedes.choufoer/ stress management
Read more about the relaxing  seminar: a training and healing week  in the lovely setting of rural France
with the all-inclusive offer we have for you :



Seminars in France : Relax & Master Your Stress

Relax and Master Your Stress

Are you suffering from Burn-Out, Chronic Fatigue,
recovering from Chemo-therapy, experiencing headaches every day,
or do you just feel exhausted, depressed without knowing why ??

You definitely need a break ? You crave for silence ?

Whatever disease has taken command over you,
it should be stopped.

Not only that, but it should also be healed.

During the live “Relax and Master Your Stress “  seminar

we are going to solve the underlying problem :

( Zie Nederlandse versie hier :  )

Rebuilding Your Energy  &  Master Your Stress !

That is what spiritual healing does.

You will learn how to get your immune system on
track 100%, 
and keep it there by working on your
Chakras, re-activate your meridians as well
as your glands.

During a 5 Day seminar, starting Monday and ending after the Friday dinner, here in the silence and calmness of the south of France you can relax and learn to understand how your body, mind and spirit are connected and how important it is to be able to maintain this balance.

After this seminar you will know how to easily maintain and
refresh this energy flow for the rest of your life and also

how to be the Master of your life, your Stress and your Energy..

In those 5 Relaxing Days, we will cover : ( in Dutch and/ or English)

  • Return to calmness via Zen meditation- techniques
  • The use of Universal Energy
  • Healing your Chakras
  • Input of Life Force power with Tibetan exercises
  • Solving your stress points with :
  • The Health Tracking Codes.

Every morning we will do 3 to 4 different easy exercises,
have coffee or tea breaks, and lunch.

Discuss what we learn and find your individual stress points.

Daily work with the Health Tracking Codes in
the morning and before dinner.

All the exercises are easy, very relaxing and are fun to do.

In the afternoon, after the lunch, there is time to go for a walk and/ or make a painting or just spend some quiet time alone in the garden .

Also you will have the opportunity to book for an Indian headmassage.

Singing exercises will also be part of the relaxation programme.
Singing is essential for your health, whatever voice or sound you have.
There is a method to learn this easily and is great fun.

The workshops start on a Monday and last 5 days, finishing Friday dinner time.

Lunches, dinners, coffee, tea, drinks are all included during your stay of 7 days.

This seminar week will be a real retreat!
No worries about cooking or shopping.

After this relaxing week of healing you will be able to :

  • Keep balance in your body and mind,
  • Prevent illnesses
  • Stay vital and energetic.
  • Be able to solve problems easily
  • Boost your auto-immune system
  • Master Your Stress
  • Heal Yourself and your family.

This week is life-changing and worth a fortune.

Besides all of the above you’ll receive some extra Bonuses :

  • Meditation Audio  ( MP3)
  • Self Hypnosis Audio on MP3
  • E-Book   ” Basic Steps  with the Health Tracking Codes “
  • Your self-made painting or piece of Art
  • Free subscription to the newsletter “ Keep Your Health in Balance ” –
When and Where : 

the Montolza Prosperity Centre in Marminiac
In week : 22 – 24 – 27 and week 36

and at the Domaine de Montsalvy in Dégagnac

in 2017 :

Week 15 : friday 7 april  – friday 14 of April

Week: 20:  sunday 13 – sunday 21 of May

Week 38 :  sunday 17 – sunday 24 of September 

Week 40 : sunday the 1st  – sunday 8th of  October

And we expect you from the Friday or Sunday and you are our guest all-in for 1 week.
So even before the seminar starts you are welcome in one of the Gîtes at :

Domaine de Montsalvy  (  in  ( 46340) Dégagnac,

a lovely

  • 18th Century Farmhouse (available as a gîte late June to early September)
  • 4 Hectares of idyllic mature gardens, walnut groves and woodland
  • 6 Gites
  • Table d’Hôtes (evening meals)Swimming Pool of 100m2, Tennis court and Wifi Internet

The seminar is all-inclusive, ( housing, breakfast, lunch and dinner,
drinks ) and all course materials.

All of this would normally costs  ( € 1275,-)
But, if you promise to write a 
we will offer you this amazing week for :
   € 995,-  all inclusive 
so you save almost 300 euros by writing a few lines!
There are only a limited number of seats available
( max 7 persons) so decide NOW.
Please send your name and e-mail address  and telephone number to :

with this title in the header :
Will Join Master Your Stress Seminar week ……

 And I will send you the registration form.

You can fly to Aeroport de Bergerac, a lovely little airport only one hour’s drive away.
Or fly in to Brive-la-Gaillarde, or Rodez or of course Toulouse.
This touristic tour gives you the
opportunity to enjoy the lovely landscape and some old villages
of this part of France.

Your relaxing Seminar week starts immediately!

cordes sept 15 

Mercedes Choufoer,

Your Bio-Energy Therapist and Coach.