What is Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing means spiritual healing.
Spiritual healing is able to bring positive energy into your mind and into your organs.
Also it can remove negative energy which blocks the flow of good energy, i.e. Universal Energy.
Your body wants to be healed. It is a wonderful mechanism but also extremely complex.
Not only the organs, which form the body, but also the mind and the soul.
Our conscious, subconscious thinking and our emotional world.
Spiritual healing is working on those three elements. They influence the working of our organs and our immune system.
Spiritual healing does offer the fastest way to restore the flow of energy through the many meridians and the chakra points.
It is all arranged by a spiritual state of mind. Although this might sound very heavy, it is not at all.
Every human being is in basic spiritual. When you’re dreaming it is a spiritual action. Just sitting quiet, listening to music,
enjoying art, walking through the park, visiting a church. As long as you find some silence into your head and being relaxed.
Free flowing thoughts bring energy through your body.
If these thoughts are positive and joyful they transport also positive energy from the Universe to your body’s chakra points.
But if you are full of worries, anxiety or anger, negative energy will make your body sour and after a while the chakras will not
support the organs they work for. They get blocked.
You don’t sleep well, you are easily irritated, or suffering headaches, endless tiredness, a burn-out, intestinal problems,
wounds which won’t heal, etc.etc. You create an illness, a disease or even worse.
You probably are not aware that this bad feeling or sickness started because of an overload of negative emotions and stress.


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Pure as Nature : Universal Energy = Pure Nature

What is your Hidden Stress Factor ?

Do you know what is upsetting you??

Can you put your finger on it??
Is it deep down ? Or just on the surface,
almost visible ?

These are important questions.
Maybe you don’t know at all.

But together we can find out.

Very often the real problem behind an illness, a disease or recurrent weakness, is an unknown kind of trauma from long ago.
We all have those pain-points from our youth but they are hidden away in our subconscious. And willingly or not, we always want to keep them there.

But that doesn’t work and it is not good either.

Because being aware of this old anger, trauma, anxiety or disappointment makes it easier to resolve. And that’s what should be done.

It must be out of your brains, out of your soul.

It will give you so much freedom when this burden is off your back.

We get ill because a blockage is created in the meridians or the chakras of your body.
Then the Life-Force Energy, this Universal Energy doesn’t flow anymore. And you feel weak, you get ill or even worse: your innocent cancercells start to be enemies in your body.

As you might have read on other pages on this website, we are healthy living beings, constructed of energy.
But if that energy cannot flow between the universe and the earth, the body gets ill. Our cells, glands, neutrons, every part of our body and soul needs fresh energy.

We’ve got to discuss this if you want me to be of help for you…

I do have several wonderful and easy tools within the bio-energy healing techniques to help you to get this universal energy flowing again.

We use :

Chakra Healing
Meditation techniques
Yoga: Tibetan exercises and Qi Gong
Universal Energy
Health Tracking Codes
Brainwave Entrainment.
Scientific research all over the world has proven that these healing techniques make a significant difference in the health of your body.
It is very often possible to solve every illness and disease.

Very soon you can read more about this in my up-coming book.

But don’t let this prevent you to take action by contacting me in the meantime.

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