About me



Hello !

I am Mercedes Choufoer.
I am Dutch (born in Amsterdam some time ago)
and since 10 years  I am living in the south of France.

On this website, I want to share my passion with you ..

I am helping you, woman or men with your problems around:
  • your health and recurrent diseases, like insomnia, lack of energy,
  • allergies, headaches, heart-burn, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure etc.
  • traumas,
  • fatigue, burn-out
  • stress or
  • just being stuck in work or relationships.
With my coaching methods I will  give you
  • clarity in and solutions to
  • solve these issues forever, 
  • get much better results with your activities.
  • live the life you love to live 
  • improve your relationships with partner, boss and friends & family.

How to prevent getting ill ?

How to Rebuild Your Energy ?

and Master Your Stress. ?

About 20 years agoo I discovered that I do have a special gift inside of me :

the spiritual power with Bio Energy to Heal Yourself .  

First offcourse I was quite shocked about this ability, but it worked surprisingly well.
I had miraculous results, so I developed these spiritual powers over the years.
Now I know so much more and I can do so much with different techniques.

Every day I am helping people all around the world and it works !!

I love to share this also with you and be of help for you !

Private, in a one-on-one situation. ( Now we can do a lot via internet and Skype.)

If you need a fast recovery to get
rid of your stress
other dis-ease and you want to
feel completely energized:
we offer :
  an  all-in seminar-week in France 
5 day recovery in a relaxed atmosphere
in which you will discover :
  • what is your STRESSOR ?
  • clarity how to prevent rehearsel of your problem
  • and HOW to solve these painpoints forever.
So click here and read all the information about
the benefits this relaxed healing week
will offer you.
See also the timetable of this wonderfull relaxing and
healing workshop annex  all-in holiday.
Or just contact me on mercedeschoufoer94@gmail.com 
for a date for a private coaching discussion.
I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
End 2017 I hope my book will be published :
“How to Master Your Stress and Manage Your Energy”.